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Navy Original Salt-Water Sandal


Navy Original Salt-Water Sandal

navy original.jpg
navy original.jpg

Navy Original Salt-Water Sandal


The ever classic Salt-Water sandals in navy. These beauties are made for use in water and are perfect for the beach or rainy Summer days.

Please check your size:
Salt-Water 5 equals about UK4 Womens


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Size 4: 24cm (l) 6.2-9.4cm (w) 7cm (h)
Size 5: 24.5cm (l) 6.3-9.5cm (w) 7cm (h)
Size 6: 25cm (l) 6.5-9.5cm (w) 7cm (h)
Size 7: 26cm (l) 6.7-10.5cm (w) 7cm (h)
Size 8: 27cm (l) 6.8-10.5cm (w) 7cm (h)
Material: leather upper/ rubber sole
Care: Handwash with gentle detergent