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Kate Sheridan in The Telegraph

Ida Jonsson

Lovely Boo (aka Boudicca Fox-Leonard) from The Telegraph came to visit us in the studio recently to chat about craft, design and our popular Hex Making Class. The resulting article came out online and in paper form this Sunday and we absolutely love it.

Take a peek at the pictures below and you can read the full article HERE

Brand Focus - The World of Bobby Dazzler

Ida Jonsson

Founded by Rosie Short and Fumie Kamijo, Bobby Dazzler creates wonderfully whimsical dolls from their attic studio in Brick Lane, East London. Each doll has a distinct personality and is completely one of a kind. You only need to look at their website to know that they're fun, unique and full of character! They also include a unique quote, a little window into your dolls past life and personality.

We have a range of dolls available instore - a perfect present for a baby shower or to bring a little bit of humour into any room.


Hex Workshop 25/04/17

Ida Jonsson

Yesterday we hosted another of our Hex Making Workshops, where customers get a chance to create their very own bag. The group was a lovely bunch and we had a great evening filled with chatter, prosecco, treats and leather work.

As always, we love seeing how well everyones colour choices suits them in the end, and great to see people having a play with embossing their initials on or choosing a more daring colour pop!

From edge staining, holing, hammering, grooving, hand cutting and final assembly- our crafters picked it up quickly and their Hex Bags looked amazing!


If you are interested in our workshops, they are available HERE and more dates will be added continuesly.